In the past year alot of people have approached Nyimbo Zachimalawi with numerous questions mainly focusing on the “logo” of Nyimbo Zachimalawi | .  We have heard all the jokes; from people claiming the logo is actually a “khwangala” (Crow), some even went as far saying that the logo is a picture of a “tweety bird”.  The fact of the matter is that the Nyimbo Zachimalawi logo is actually a chicken (listening to music).  Its a chicken with headphone jamming to music whilst walking through Malawi and the rest of the world.

Where we come from, in Malawi and across Africa.  A lot of chickens walk around the streets everyday especially in villages.  So the idea came forth that if we have a chicken with headphones on, what type of reaction would this call  in people.  And after all who can resist the good taste of chicken.  So that’s pretty much it, there is no hidden saga behind the Nyimbo Zachimalawi logo, Malawi music is transparent and the logo is actually a Chicken wearing headphones. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this read!!!

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