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Malawi`s renown hip-hop artist, Fredokiss is geared up for yet another free show in Lilongwe barely a month after pulling a massive crowd in Ndirande township in the commercial capital Blantyre.

Fredokiss; geared up to make history in Lilongwe

The show has been slated for 14 October at Masintha ground where also the ghetto King Kong shall unveil a song he has made special for this day which features Lilongwe based producer AK.

the turn out at Ndirande show in Blantyre

If you have been dying to be In Fredo`s music video this is your chance as the video of this song will also be shot on the same day.

It’s evident his Lilongwe fans can’t wait for the special performance of the song and also his other hits like, Ndikatseka maso, Amanditcha Fredo, Dear Jah Jah and many other songs that mesmerized fans at his previous show in Ndirande Ghetto.

Chi Ntchana Fredo

Upcoming artists have not been left out as they also have a chance to showcase their skills at this biggest concert just by registering to this number (0888851700) through Whatsapp.

it was like a political rally in Ndirande

According to Fredo, the whole move is to show appreciation and give back to the community for the love and support they show to him.

one of the students benefiting from Fredokiss Education Scholarship program

While giving back to the society is concerned, the rapper also has what he calls Fredokiss Education Scholarship which sponsors needy students in various government secondary schools.

Just recently, the rapper released another hit song which features Sir Lucius Banda and you can download it here>>>>http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=7405


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After being silent for over 2 years Singer Maskal has registered a New song that has already won hearts of many in the country and beyond. Maria, Maskal’s brand new song featuring GD was released on Monday 17th July 2017, currently enjoying air plays on various radio stations in Malawi and is available for sale on Malawi’s leading online Music Store – https://store.malawi-music.com/ ” and various international outlets. Maskal who is currently in United States of America described Maria as a come back on a Malawian scene after a hitous break. “This is surely a come back on the scenes again, I know alot has been said about my silence but this and the upcoming songs and projects will answer all the questions my fans had” said Maskal real name masiye kansaru.

 I know alot has been said about my silence but this and the upcoming songs and projects will answer all the questions my fans had

Maskals brand new song Maria talks about a woman who has given up on love being persuaded to love again, “mtima wako umayaka moto ukamva zachikondi, sumafuna kukambapo kapena kumva , you’ve been hurt so much you don’t  want to love again” sings Maskal. Maria becomes the Maskal’s first single in 2017.

Maskal came in the music industry with songs like Zili ndiwe,udalire and Kuwala kwako. He won best male artist in Award 2011 and was nominated best male artist in Malawian Music Award 2011.Maskal’s music ranges from soul to rhythm and blues, all of it delivered with an afro feel, it is known as Afro-R&B.

Maskal’s Collaborations & Performances Since the launch of his career, has worked and shared the stage with both local and international superstars. On the local scene, among others, he has done collaborations with Young Kay, Tigris and legendary musician Lucius Banda on a track Malawi Goodlife, which also features hip-hop artists Biriwiri, Young Kay and Germany’s Milli Maximal and OJ Kingpin. He has headlined at almost all the major music events locally in 2011 and on 25April, he performed alongside US rapper/singer Sean Kingston in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe.

Am back to stay and release good music people missed

Maskal left the country for USA in 2012 and was quoted by Malawi media that he is in the States for school and business.The Brand New song by the heavyweight Singjay signifies that he is now free to do music and recraim his position in the malawis mainstream music industry.

You can Buy Maskal’s Maria feat GD in the Malawi Music Store with Only MK100 paying using TNM Mpamba, Airtel Money and National Bank MOO626 for all registered customers in Malawi and US$1 Only for all registered customers outside Malawi paying using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Paygol SMS payments. To buy it in the Music Shop Click here: https://store.malawi-music.com/product/maskal-maria-feat-gd/

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Lucius Banda started his musical career in the Alleluya Band, but later formed his own band, Zembani under Zembani Music Group (ZMG). He was controversial to Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda’s regime. He was the first Malawian musician to sing openly against political oppression in Malawi during the decades of one-party rule.
In 2010 he released another album, 15/15: My Song that was banned by the state broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). Through his ups and downs, Lucius Banda remains a defiant soul always ready to speak and fight for the people with his music.
The “Soldier” from Balaka as he is popularly known, has decided to spread the Christmas seasons spirit by giving his fans a new Christmas song, “Wabadwa”. “Wabadwa” was recorded at Ralph Records by Ralph Ching’amba, in Namiyango, Blantyre.
This is his second release in 2013 after he released his album, “Time” earlier this year.

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Malawian music icon heads to South Africa this week for a series of concerts in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
The legendary musician told Malawi news that apart from launching his 17th album ‘Time’ in the three cities, he will also seek to find avenues for distributing Malawian music in the Rainbow Nation.
“Why am I taking this launch to South Africa? Because Malawi has an extra district, and it’s called South Africa. There are so many Malawians in South Africa so much that ignoring that market is being unfair to them,” he said.
Lucius added: “The last time I was in Johannesburg recording ‘Time’ at Downtown Studios, word went out that I was there and when I got out of the studio there were so many Malawians outside waiting to meet me. This shows how much support we have in South Africa.”
You can listen and buy Lucius Banda’s Time CD online at www.malawi-music.com
The music icon cited that the huge Malawian population in South Africa presents an opportunity for Malawian musicians as they have an opportunity to offer support.
“Ever since we announced these South African shows, the number of calls coming from South Africa have been overwhelming, so I can’t wait to repay this loyalty by giving the fans there some really memorable shows,” he said.
“All the times we have performed in South Africa we have received tremendous support so it is an honour for me to perform there once again.”
Lucius and Zembani Band begin their South Africa tour on Friday at Safari Hotel in Hillbrow, they move to Scallas Café in Durban on Friday before winding up the weekend with a performance at Tijake in Bruma on Sunday.
The weekend after, the party moves to the upmarket venues in Rosherville, Kempton Park and Pretoria.
“The remaining two weeks we are in Cape Town where we will play at Capricorn, Hout Bay, Westlake and Stellenbosch.”
According to Lucius, original CDs and DVDs of ‘Time’ will be on sale during the events.
“I know that most people buy pirated copies not out of want, but because they have no choice. So this is an opportunity for the people who love our music to buy the CDs and DVDs directly from us.”
Lucius disclosed that the lack of a legal distributor of Malawian music in South Africa has prompted him to approach record labels to prompt them to distribute Malawian music.
You can listen and buy Lucius Banda’s CD online here Lucius Banda Time CD

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Lucius Banda CD Time
Lucius Banda CD Time

When Nyimbo Zachimalawi first approached Lucius Banda to discuss the record idea for a new concept album, the legendary musician and bandleader was enthusiastic, as is his nature. After all, this is Lucius’ 17th album as the project came to be known, “TIME” in Lucius’ words, “songs in this album have a unique stamp on them.”  This symbolizes the changes that he has been through in his life as a musician and the growth he has escalated to as one, if not the leading artist in the Malawi music scene.

Quite supremely, it turns out. Once the organic song selection process got underway, the creation of Time became a labor of love for everyone involved.  On this album Lucius worked with Lucky Dube’s band “The Slaves” in particular a name worth mentioning is Thuthukani Cele, you will remember Dube founded The Love Brothers with Thuthukani Cele and Chris Dlamini.  There isn’t much of a cast of megastar lead vocalists on the album expect for young Hip-hop star chart topper Piksy.  Piksy was hand-picked for one of the singles titled “TsekeTseke” due to his engagement with the youth of today, as Lucius Banda continues to convey his messages in songs to the people of his era he also wanted the young people of Malawi to relate to this album and understand why his music is still relevant up to this day.  This is not the first time Lucius has collaborated with young emerging artist on his albums.

The climax point for us here at Nyimbo Zachimalawi, was when we met up with Lucius and in the inimitable Lucius way he said, ‘You know, I’ve really just trusted a few people on this project. I’ve trusted the people at Ralph Records and Downtown Studios, my engineers Mzamo Ndlovu and Yusey also, I’ve trusted you, and this is the time for a renewal of that trust and I will proceed.’  Lucius underscores this point: “To create these songs,” he affirms, “it took an incredible amount of trust, than can only be gained through “Time” – from Peter Likhomo and Total all these incredible singers, all these incredible musicians, they had to trust me, and I trust my fans. So it’s a chain reaction of love, because that’s the highest form of love that there is on this planet: Trust.”  Lucius also mention his appreciation for the work done by his management team which is composed of Davie Sapuwa and Jack McBrams in Blantyre.

Lucius’ intention to keep his music fresh for today’s fans of urban music and other new genres is achieved by beats, stories, production and lyrics that are all properly instilled in this album.  Starting with the first track of the album “Paulendo” which is a song that states that Life is a journey and not a destination, the songs encourages listeners by saying that in life when you fall you are supposed to get yourself up and try again.  Second track of the album, “Wandikwatiradi” is a song that Lucius’ old fans will not be surprised with as the song focuses on how two people can get together and start a relationship (marriage) and create a new future regardless of their history or what they have been through in their lives.  If you want to dance and celebrate or what we like to call “Chinkhoswe music” this album does not come short of that either, with songs like “Ndi Wanga” and “Flora ndi Mavuto” which are bound to make someone special day rememberable and have the people dancing and of course “Pelekani-Pelekani” at the weddings made possible.  The title track of the album which is number 16, Time is also something Lucius is very comfortable with, when you hear this song you can tell that Lucius is in his comfort-zone and doing what he knows best, he starts the song by quoting Alexander the great then raises some questions about the current state of our beloved country Malawi, asking for the old to be old and give space for the new to take over for a better Malawi.

Not forgetting his salvation or the almighty, Lucius forth track on the album definitely needs appraisal for its honesty and revelation.  This song can be described as a gospel track which easily goes in well with church-going folks.  Just from the title of the song “Mulungu simunthu” it’s evident that Lucius has not lost his faith during his “Time” and praises the Lord for his achievements and he is grateful for the blessings that the divine one has bestowed upon him.  A similar song to this is number 8 on the cd; “It’s all about you” which emphases that Jesus is love.  The album has 17 tracks which is quite genius considering this is Lucius’ 17th album, all the songs are special in their own way, there is something in this album for everyone.  Proving once again that Lucius is Malawi’s best and this is not the last time you will hear of him, after listening to the whole album you can’t help it but want more of this soulful singer, which makes us believe album 18 is on the way.  We encourage all old and new Lucius fans to buy this album and support Lucius Banda in what he has been doing all these years.


To Listen and Buy Lucius Banda’s Time album Click here

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Example of a shopping cart / Shopping basket.
Example of a shopping cart / Shopping basket.

Press Release February 2013

We are proud to announce that Nyimbo Zachimalawi also known as Malawi Music website will now be selling and distributing Malawian music online for the small price of £0.99 a song and £10.00 for an album.  All songs sold will be in full length and of CD quality in mp3 format while albums will be zipped, in a single file with all mp3 files inclusive and details on how to unzip the files.  Website visitors will still be able to stream and download free promotional Malawian music on the site.  All the songs and albums  that will be sold on the site will not contain the Malawi Music promotional tag that we have been using to distribute other free material on the site.

The buying processing through the website will be supported by Google checkout cart also known as Google Wallet.  Google Wallet is a fast and secure checkout process that helps new customers by allowing them to buy from the site quickly and easily with a single account from Google.  Google Wallet is used in over 140 countries to purchase goods and services online, Malawi music buyers can be assured that their transactions through the website are safe and secure.  Google Wallet will keep track of all transactions and operate bank transfers on our behalf.  Google Wallet is a reputable brand in e-commerce transactions and guarantees all buyers that their credit/debit card transactions will be 100% safe and fraud-free.  It is our goal to provide Malawi music customers with a fast and convenient checkout process, so that they get to download the music they want and legally own it at the same time supporting the local music industry in Malawi.

You can purchase music on Nyimbo Zachimalawi using all major credit and signature debit cards from VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®.  To buy music on www.malawi-music.com find the “Add to Cart” button next to the song or the album that you would like to buy.

You will find this button on the website
Example of “Add to cart” button on Malawi Music website

When you click on this “Add to Cart” button you will see your shopping basket appear on the top right section of your screen.  This shopping basket is also known as the shopping cart and it will contain all the songs that you have chosen to buy.  When you have selected all the songs that you would like to purchase, you can expand your shopping cart on the top right corner by clicking “View cart” and at the bottom of the shopping cart you will see a button that says “Buy with Google”.

Example of a Shopping basket/cart

Click on the “Buy With Google” button so that we can send your shopping basket to Google and after that Google will ask you to register (For first time users) or log into your account so that they can process the transaction.  Upon completion of the Google Wallet Checkout process and after your card has been successfully charged, on the order confirmation page; you will be presented with a download link and a license key for each of the songs that you purchased.  Click on the download link which says “Click here to retrieve your purchase” to download your song or album.  Each song and album has its own download link and license key.

The license key is a unique number that is associated with each purchase of a song or album on Nyimbo Zachimalawi.  The license keys and download links are stored in your Google Wallet account for future reference.  Please note that while we would like you to legally own Malawian music and support local artists, it would be unlawful for you to sell these mp3s to other people or upload them on any website for public or commercial use.  So we encourage our customers to use the music in a Godly and Christian way knowing that the artists in Malawi are suffering and need support and for their music to be purchased so that they finally financially gain from their God-given talents.

Due to the wide number of artists in Malawi, it would take us a very long time to upload all songs and albums from the beginning up until now,  and make them all available for sale on the Malawi Music website .  As a result we agreed to start with 2 catalogues from 2 well known artists in Malawi namely;  Lucius Banda and Black Missionaries.  Lucius Banda has 17 albums that are to added to Malawi music with each song on the album available for legal purchase.  Whilst Black Missionaries have 9 albums of which contain songs that are to be released and also made available online for sale through Nyimbo Zachimalawi.

We hope you are excited as we are about this new addition to the Malawi music website.  We look forward to working with record companies and other new artists to get their music up on the site as quickly as possible and make it available for sale and legal ownership.  We understand that this is a very challenging task and a beginning to a new era; hence we ask for your patience and understanding in order to make all music from Malawi available online.  We are committed to providing artists with a means of distribution that will be beneficial to them and their families while the industry adjusts to the developments that is happening on the internet.  We encourage all Malawians abroad and friends of Malawi to come visit the www.malawi-music.com website and buy music from their favourite artists, just like you would do on iTunes or Amazon.

Kind regards and all the best!!

MFM Team.



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Music speaks to us in many ways and languages, some songs are good for listening to put us in a specific mood, some to teach, others to dance; but for a song to appeal to a listener so much that it registers its own app in your memory data, that is the genius of two very important contributing factors in music….The songwriter and the producer. For example let’s go back two decades ago and remember  the late legendary Robert Fumulani (R.I.P), his music was an audio motion picture of real life situations embedded on a musical platform and if you are inclined to music as much as I am you can see and even hear that the legend was writing the song before he knew what the production would sound like.  The same applies to Great Britain’s biggest music outfit, the Beatles  and even the king of reggae Robert Nesta Marley.  What these music legends have in common is that they had a story to tell which would already be scripted in their beautiful minds before entering the studio to record, meaning it was now the magic of the session artists and producer to craft a sound that would complement these stories, meaning the song was driven by the artist. Now in the modern age of computers and music production software the artist somehow has become lazy and almost irrelevant because  the producer with his/her creativity makes a beat without any idea of what will be said on it and offers it to the artist to complete the project. The artist now has to script a song that will portray the mood of the production, meaning the song is now driven by the producer. Just take a listen to a number of your favorite artists of today and you’ll figure out exactly what am talking about, you’ll hear the same topic from too many artists such as “I love you, you are the only one” or “you’re the apple of my eye” or “Iwe chikondi chako etc” that is because the producer provided a love mood to the production which the artist is just complimenting with his/her lyrics. Its quite interesting if we go deeper and realize that some producers can only make “love mood” music, so an album is full of love songs from track one to sixteen. We just hope artists could be more creative and emulate the likes of the pioneers and legends of late Robert Fumulani, late States Samangaya of Police Ochestra, Ben Mankhamba, Wambali Mkandawire, Lucius Banda and actually script a song from the heart than rely on a producer to dictate what he/she says on a song.

Enjoy the Video below.

All the best,

Billy Blanco

Hip hop producer vs. Wanna be artist ( BYRDISIMO )

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Lucius Banda

We just heard that Malawi music icon, Lucius Banda is in South Africa recording his 17th album, yes you heard correct…17th album. Lucius is indisputably the biggest name in music in Malawi how ever you would like to weigh it.,he is the most consistent artist to ever bless the Malawi soil and when we hear that the big man is in the lab we always expect good music no matter what.
Lucius says he’s planning on working with the late African Reggae legend Lucky Dube‘s band, The Slaves and renowned guitarist and producer Eric Paliani who has done some remarkable music with South African Jazz king Hugh Masekela and if all goes as planned,   Lucius might also record a song with him (that would be historical). We also hear he wants to collaborate with house musician Professor.
The album titled “Time” is expected to be released in March. Let’s hope this album will put Lucius on the global platform as one of Africa’s finest where he belongs but that depends on how much “international” promo and imaging he will put towards this project…..You already know that once the first singles are out you will hear them right here first.